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Help Your Customers Avoid Label Problems!

A satisfied customer is a happy customer. Keep your customers happy by troubleshooting problems before they occur. Problems can arise if labels are used incorrectly or under the wrong conditions. Ensure that your customers have a positive experience by pointing out pitfalls before they occur. Check the temperature. Cold temperatures can affect the rate at [...]

Are Your Shipping Labels Tough Enough?

Shipping labels are essential in modern businesses and industries worldwide. Quality shipping labels are the key to ensuring that your shipments arrive at their final destination without incident. Rough handling, and wet weather, are just a few factors that can cause your labels to fail. How can I prevent my shipping labels from being ruined? [...]

What is the Difference between Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Labels?

HOW DO I TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THERMAL TRANSFER AND DIRECT THERMAL LABELS? Determining whether a label is a thermal transfer or direct thermal is easy. One simple way to identify a direct thermal label is by using your fingernail and scraping it across the labels. If the label blackens, it's direct thermal. If not, [...]

Are You Interested in Becoming a Distributor?

Continental Datalabel is a family-owned, veteran-owned, and operated company. We provide value-added products to our customers by ensuring dependable, on-time delivery of quality custom and standard manufactured labels, ribbons, and printed goods. Our size allows our team to focus on each customer's individual needs as if they were our own, and sets the standard for [...]


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