Continental Datalabel, lnc. (“CDL”), in compliance with the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, has created this policy to govern its retention and destruction of both biometric identifiers and biometric information it collects. “Biometric identifiers” means a retina or iris scan, fingerprint, voiceprint, or a scan of hand or face geometry. “Biometric information” means any information based on biometric identifiers. Biometric identifiers and biometric information are collectively referred to as “Biometric data.”

CDL will not collect or otherwise obtain an individual’s biometric data without the individual’s prior written consent.

CDL will store, transmit and protect from disclosure all biometric data using a reasonable standard of care for CDL’s industry and in a manner that is the same or exceeds the standards used to protect other confidential and sensitive information held by COL.

CDL will not disclose or redisclose an individual’s biometric data unless:

(a) the individual consents in writing to the disclosure or disclosure;
(b) the disclosure or redisclosure is necessary to complete a financial transaction requested or authorized by the individual;
(c) the disclosure or redisclosure is required by law; or
(d) the disclosure or disclosure is required by a warrant or subpoena.

CDL will not sell, lease, trade, or otherwise profit from an individual’s biometric data.

CDL will destroy an individual’s biometric data upon the earlier of when the initial purpose for obtaining or collecting such data has been fulfilled or within three years of the individual’s last interaction with CDL unless the destruction is prevented by a warrant or subpoena.

CDL reserves the right to amend this Biometric Privacy Policy at any time.