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What is the Difference between Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Labels?

HOW DO I TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THERMAL TRANSFER AND DIRECT THERMAL LABELS? Determining whether a label is a thermal transfer or direct thermal is easy. One simple way to identify a direct thermal label is by using your fingernail and scraping it across the labels. If the label blackens, it's direct thermal. If not, [...]

Thermal Transfer

THERMAL TRANSFER The thermal transfer printing process involves the use of a ribbon along with rolled or fan-folded labels. Like direct thermal, heat plays a part in thermal transfer printing; however, the heat does not come into contact with the media. Instead, the hot printhead melts ink in the ribbon to create a sharp, crisp [...]

Recommended Storage Procedures for Label & Card Products

The following storage procedures will promote the quality and usability of your label and card products. Keep materials out of direct sunlight and excessive (freezing or hot) temperatures. Store materials in a climate­ controlled facility at 72° F and 52% relative humidity. Use materials within a 180­day timeframe. By following these simple [...]

The proper way to apply a label to a carton

This photo demonstrates the correct way to adhere a label onto a carton. Notice how the entire leading edge of the label is placed onto the carton at the beginning and the operator removes the backing (liner) away from the label. This method dramatically reduced the likelihood of labels "winging up" after they have been [...]


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