Shipping labels are essential in modern businesses and industries worldwide.

A shipping label is a type of identification that helps describe and identify the contents of a container or a package. These labels contain vital information such as addresses, names, weight, and tracking barcodes. They are the key to ensuring they get to their final destination without incident. Rough handling, and wet weather, are just a few factors that can cause your labels to fail. 

How can I prevent my shipping labels from being ruined?

Continental Data label offers custom and stock options that include water-resistant materials and aggressive adhesives to keep your label in place for easy visibility. 

Our aggressive adhesive is a rubber-based adhesive designed for applications that require high-tack. The label offers unlimited adhesion to many substrates, especially corrugated paper. 

Water-resistance labels are printed on durable polypropylene material. When exposed to oils and liquids the label will sustain. These are our Glossy White, Matte, and Clear Labels.

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