A satisfied customer is a happy customer. Keep your customers happy by troubleshooting problems before they occur.

Problems can arise if labels are used incorrectly or under the wrong conditions. Ensure that your customers have a positive experience by pointing out pitfalls before they occur.

  • Check the temperature. Cold temperatures can affect the rate at which adhesion occurs, slowing it down. As a result, labels can pull away from the surface.
  • Store labels properly. Because adhesion is affected by temperature and humidity, labels should be stored at temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity range of 50 to 60%.
  • Watch stacking. Improper stacking can cause too much pressure on the labels.
  •  Apply enough pressure when applying the label, especially on uneven surfaces. Often, labels are not pressed hard enough or long enough to create good adhesion.
  • Use the labels within a reasonable amount of time. Over time, a surface chemical may negatively affect the adhesive.
  • Always check printer manuals prior to using labels – some printers are not compatible with certain materials.

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