Custom food labels can turn your business name and logo into powerful branding.

But that’s only the beginning of the story.

People rely on food labels to tell them what a product contains, its nutritional value, and how it was produced. 2022 FDA guidelines for food information labels state that ” Information panel labeling, use a print or type size that is prominent, conspicuous and easy to read. Use letters that are at least 1/16 inch in height based on the lower case letter “o”. The letters must not be more than three times as high as they are wide, and the lettering must contrast sufficiently with the background so as to be easy to read.” ( This is a tall order in a small space, especially when you take into account all of the data you need to communicate. 

In addition, the labels must be durable relative to the conditions in which the food item is stored and displayed. The label material and adhesive you choose are the foundation for both the form and function. Heat, moisture, and cold can have an impact on the performance and longevity of the label.

How do you sort this all out? Simple, contact us. Continental Datalabel has been in the label business for over 65 years. With your specifications for the aesthetics, use, size, quantity, and application method, we can craft a label that is both functional and beautiful.

Our capabilities include:

  • Eye-catching labels with custom label design and guidance to ensure any existing designs print seamlessly
  • Printing in any color combination with the highest quality
  • Printing on a wide variety of materials and finishes.
  • Printing in any shape with our library of die cuts and custom die-cutting
  • Cost-effective printing options for pressure-sensitive, thermal transfer, direct thermal, and sheeted labels.
  • Rapid, premium quality digital printing for short runs, and versatile, economical flexographic printing for large runs

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