When looking for the best Freezer labels, you need to ask yourself, “How the label will be applied and what type of surface it will stick to?”

This is important because it ensures the best possible solution. There are 5 different cold temperature labels to consider:

Refrigerator Labels:

All Temperature Labels:

Freezer Labels:

Dry Ice Labels:

Cryogenic Labels:

Our custom stock labels work well for refrigerator type conditions. Freezer temperatures below -4°F (-20°C), will need a customized adhesive that is described as follows.

A highly aggressive rubber-based adhesive featuring excellent initial tack and ultimate adhesion when applied at freezer conditions. This is also an excellent choice when applied to packaging materials at room temperature and then subjected to –40F blast freezing conditions. Our label will adhere to a variety of surfaces despite specific amounts of frost and /or moisture (testing is recommended).

Here are the two types of Temperature labels that Continental produces.

All-Temp Adhesive= Applied at 35°F or above and stored from -65°F to 200°F. One time use only and can be applied on cardboard, corrugated bags, plastic, plywood, and shrink wrap.

Freezer Grade Adhesive=Applied at -15°F or above. Used in the food industry, warehouses with blast freezers, industrial kitchens, cold storage and distribution and pharmaceutical. Can withstand -65°F to -165°F. Stored in subzero temperatures.

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