File Preparation

When prepping your files to be sent, Vector Art is highly recommended. Be sure to do the following:

Media :We accept emails and removable flash drives. Always include a printed hard copy. Be aware that monitor colors vary, so desired colors MUST be submitted in writing.

When emailing artwork, place multiple documents, images, and fonts in a single folder before stuffing.

Convert: All images to CMYK and or PMS (pantone spot colors), NO RGB IMAGES.

Placing Images: Never place/insert any image over 120% in any layout program.

Raster Images: Photoshop, Corel or scans should be at least 300 DPI @ 100% image printing size.

Saving to PDF: When saving a digital file as PDF, make sure the art is the exact finished size with crop marks. If your job is 4-color process, make sure that all colors are CMYK, especially linked image files. Convert using no compression if possible, save using PRINT or PRESS optimization defaults. Be aware, if you don’t tell the

program to save all original colors, it may convert your spot colors to CMYK or RGB.

Scanned Artwork: Will be lower quality than the original vector artwork. Scanning takes longer to output and needs to be edited. We charge $100 per hour, ¼ hour minimum. We will not scan faxes.

Bleeds should extend 1/16 on all sides of the design. This will help trim your product accurately.

Technical Information 

Adobe   Illustrator    Save to CS5

  • Check your links palette to see if all images are embedded within the document. All images need to be CMYK and at 300 DPI.
  • Create outlines for all text in the type dialog.
  • Select all > type >create outlines. By doing this, your text will become vector ready artwork that is perfect for print!
  • Save as Illustrator (AI) or EPS file. Send all fonts and placed/linked files (if any).

Adobe InDesign Save to CS5

  • File> package> a dialog box will open; from here ensure that all fonts and images are loaded. You will see an error symbol next to any problems to fix before sending.
  • Once all errors are corrected, you can then click through to make sure you have Copy Fonts, Copy Linked Graphics, and Update Graphic Links In Package.
  • Save as InDesign and send all linked/image files as well as fonts with the file.


Artwork Template

For further details about submitting artwork for custom orders or information on becoming a distributor, fill out the following form.  A team member will get back to you within one business day.